Free will and predestination in the Bible is kind of like the trinity. It cant be reconciled by human thinking but by trusting in the Lord being much bigger then what we even imagined. It’s not a choice weather we are predestination or we have free will any more then it is a choice of … [Read more…]

Believe your faith

[abs_accordion category=”Amanda blogging “] It sounds good to hear that God loves you even though you are LGBTQI doesn’t it. This is true. It is also true that God can not associate with sin. This creates a dilemma that has been solved through Jesus Christ who paid our debit. But there is a catch. First … [Read more…]

Study The Word

The Bible is the word of God. There are many studies and documents that cover the subject and I will not try to duplicate the facts of it all. In its original language and context it is Gods truth. We are blessed with many English translations that capture The Word from different approaches. We as … [Read more…]

Where are we

Do you realize the importance of salvation? The importance of evangelicalism? Of fellowship with the saints? Is your theology vague? Have we lost our nerve as a church and become soft while the world is intent on getting hard and divided?  Get involved with Jesus.

You are needed

Have Christ on your mind. We are to pray continually. How does that work? Jesus conquered the grave. Gods plan is unfolding in a world ruled by Satan and his fallen angels. The ugly things happening all around us are evidence of not only Satan, but also human nature at its worst at work. Gods … [Read more…]

Seven churches Wednesday nights we are studying the letters to the seven churches dictated to John by Jesus, in Revelation. I came across this summary on line which helps bring it together.

Yay Packers

Ill be out of town next Sunday because I am going on Thursday to Dallas. I will be staying with my brother and his wife as usual and will visit with my mom. She is 94 and her body has some issues. Ill be back Sunday night because I have to work Monday. It will … [Read more…]

Born 1955

I remember thinking, this isn’t true, there is no Santa Claus! This is all made up. I decided its ok though because we get presents on Christmas. Jesus was born in Bethlehem and is both God and man. He provided our salvation. He is God in the flesh. This I weighed in my mind not … [Read more…]