Home sweet home

We are home tonight safe and sound. Sydney is still sick. May have to take her to the Dr. tomorrow. I had a great drive and a great time with family and friends and the memorial service was a nice witness for Christ. Nothing turned out the way i had planed but it was all … [Read more…]

Gay Christian Network

[abs_accordion category=”Amanda’s blog”] Gay Christian Network I highly recommend going to the conference if you can. Sydney and I probably won’t be able to make this one in January but we went to one a couple years ago and had a eye opening and uplifting experience. Being around such a diverse group of Christians, socializing, … [Read more…]

Mom, me and God

November 9, 2017 Mom passed away today. I am sad and joyful at the same time. When i first came out 17 years ago it was a rough time for our relationship. Many years later, actually in September 2011 I rediscovered my faith in Christ after years of doubt brought on by the rejection of … [Read more…]

Plan B ?… A is in motion

This is a couple  emails from Frank. Thanks for the responses from everyone. Hi everybody, We’re back to “PLAN A”! What a roller-coaster the past couple of days have been, but once again GOD come through! PRAYERS CERTAINLY DO WORK! Thank you everybody for your prayers. We have a truck, which will soon be transformed … [Read more…]