Give as you are blessed

How much should we give as Christians? This is a hot topic. Here is an article we read and found interesting. There is a lot of good information in the Bible about giving not only of money but other things we are blessed with too, and our selves, our time and talents. Remember too that … [Read more…]


Blogging for Christ The year is coming to an end and a new year is about to start. It is always exciting and fun to reflect on what happened and what you want for the future. I look back on my year and think to myself, what has Christ accomplished through me. I see little … [Read more…]

Following God

Trust God to have the answers. Stop trying to figure everything out. Know that God will guide you if you are willing to trust Him to lead. Trying to constantly figure everything out by yourself can drive you nuts. It can keep you awake all night. Worldly decisions that override what you know is right … [Read more…]

GCN Trey Weaver

GCN Trey Weaver writes; The Gay Christian Network I’d like to share something with you. On a cold January morning in 2009, I’m awakened around 3:00 a.m. by the ringing of my phone. Despite the late hour I answered to find it was my longtime friend Kevin. Kevin and I first met at a conservative … [Read more…]

Danie ….. Amanda

I have decided to use my middle name for new introductions rather then trying to manage the pronunciation of Danie. I will probably not manage this well myself. I just now answered the phone ‘this is Danie’ so I have some way to go. As some of you know God gave me the name Amanda … [Read more…]