Nick’s Notes

Pastor Nick’s Notes

Nick Warner Ph.DWe’re not so different from the first followers of Jesus. We’re struggling with faith but God’s expanding our understanding.  We’re seeing the picture but it’s more than we thought.  We’re coming to realize that really doing God’s Word changes us – from the inside out.
Across all of time, people have sought God.  They have asked how can we know God, what is God like, is God really there.  At Desert Oasis Chapel, we address such questions, supported by God’s Word, the Bible, and by the insight and wisdom of thousands of years.  As in every generation, our message to you is good news.
We do this at Desert Oasis chapel because we have a Powerful message to share with our community, the story of God’s outreach, love and liberation for ALL men and women.
Desert Oasis chapel DOES have an “agenda.”  We’re here to tell our community the Good News of God’s love for us without the condemnation and legalism of the right-wing church and without the watered-down pablum of the left-wing church.  The Biblical message is clear: God looks on your true heart and character and reaches out to know and embrace you.

Join us this Sunday, we really want to meet your spiritual and personal needs and requests.

As always, our service will be followed by a time of Fellowship in the Hospitality Center, right next to the Chapel. You can always find friends to talk to, food to munch on and a variety of sodas, water and coffee to satisfy your hunger and thirst.
Again, as you come to church this Sunday, please consider bringing a few items for the wonderful men and women and families who receive support from the Desert AIDS Project. We bring items every Sunday that go directly to them: non-perishable food, personal care and toiletry articles, anything that people can use to make their life better and their stomach fuller. We are blessed to be partners with DAP in this personal ministry to those whose lives are certainly challenging.
Thank you for reading this and for praying if you choose to. God bless you richly, each of you, and may the God who is completely able, guide and direct your path as you walk toward your fullness in Jesus Christ.