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Our Thanksgiving at “the Oasis” this Sunday.

Faith, Food and Gratitude

Our Thanksgiving at “the Oasis” this Sunday.

It’s already Thanksgiving week and we sure have a lot to give thanks for. 2017 has been a challenging year everywhere but we sincerely count our blessings and give thanks to the Creator of the Universe who has placed us right in the middle of His design. Sunday morning we will have a Worship Service centered on Jesus’ paradoxical command to us to give thanks and to love one another and St. Paul’s directive to the Colossian church to be quick to forgive and steady in gratitude. We’ll do a sermon study of part of Colossians 3 this Sunday. You will be encouraged and uplifted by this passage.
But we want to feed you both spiritually and physically this week and Sunday will be one of our special Banquet days as we celebrate Thanksgiving Sunday together. After church we are having a full Potluck Brunch Banquet, in other words, a full array of food for a lunch you will love. Please do not make other arrangements for lunch after church. Come on over right after the service and we’ll feed you mightily – with your help. By that we mean that it is a Potluck. The church will provide the entrees and the beverages but we ask you to bring all the rest. We’re pretty well-covered for desserts but we’re looking for side dishes like veggies, casseroles, potatoes, stuffing/dressing, and other flavorful morsels you can think of. We can use some rolls, butter, cranberry and, of course, whipped cream. Beyond that, let your creativity guide you or remember back to the family dinners in your past and see what you can do to match those. We have had some amazing delights in past Banquets so we’re counting on you to fire up the imagination and, maybe, your stoves if that applies. Please arrive around 9:30 with your Potluck provision as the team at the Hospitality Center will be there to take, prepare and present all our items.
We expect a pretty big crowd so make enough for a few extra. And do not hesitate to invite a friend or two, either for the first time or bring them back. We know that your friends will thank you for including them. After all, who can get too many fantastic Thanksgiving dinners? Please, brothers and sisters, don’t overlook how many people in this valley wear a friendly face but inside are really lonely. Let’s deal with that at least for a few hours on Sunday. It’s important to recognize that loneliness and spiritual emptiness are among the worst epidemics in the world today and our society is sure showing that. Our valley is no exception. Let’s reach out to our people!
Beyond that, we are quickly approaching the beginning of the Advent Season which points to the arrival of God’s ambassador to humanity, His Son, the One who gave up his status with God to become one of us and lead us from despair to redemption. We will, you can bet, have a lot to say about that as we go into December.
So remember, join us Sunday for a Service of Thanksgiving and a great meal, our Thanksgiving Banquet right after church. Don’t miss this for some other outing or you will miss a great time, awesome food, wonderful people. We genuinely want you to be part of us.

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