Desert Oasis Chapel

Praise God

Prayer, praises, studying The Word and singing are all ways of worshiping God. Sunday mornings we do all these things and it is good.

I would love for us to have more high spirited music in our worship, whether it be in church or at Bible study or even a new venue for us yet to be established. I love it when talented people (including Ken) play and sing in an upbeat manner that begs participation in worship to our Lord. I wish to believe that people will come forward to establish and to participate in a group like this. I know I’ve heard from many of you with similar wishes in this area.

I love to play the ukulele however I am not talented enough at this point to play along with our worship team. I tried to just play along and that didn’t work, so I started recording the music, then I would take it home and practice playing. I discovered that 3 out of 4 songs we sing on Sunday mornings are done in such a way that I couldn’t get the ukulele or my voice to sound right with, no matter how much I tried. Now my ukulele playing is not as good as my singing and if you have heard me sing you know I have no talent there either. The point is praising God with instruments and voices in a group where you could blend in?

I would love for someone with leadership and musical talent to establish an informal group for worship with music, prayer and fellowship. I pray for this but perhaps our Sunday mornings are enough. What do you think?