Desert Oasis Chapel

Yay Packers

Ill be out of town next Sunday because I am going on Thursday to Dallas. I will be staying with my brother and his wife as usual and will visit with my mom. She is 94 and her body has some issues. Ill be back Sunday night because I have to work Monday. It will be interesting since I will be seeing cousins I haven’t seen since the 70s.

I loved that Rick spoke out about salvation today in church. I think this is breezed over way too much. It is important for us to know if we are going to heaven and also, weather we will be in The Kingdom. You are part of the kingdom if you are in fellowship with God and allowing Him to work through you to accomplish the tasks He has laid out for you to do. Then when Jesus comes again and sets up His Kingdom here on earth you may be part of it, helping rule the world for a thousand years. You can be saved and not be part of The Kingdom. Don’t miss out on your calling by being out of fellowship with God. If you are centered on your flesh you are in conflict with Gods plan for you. Keep your eyes on Christ. Don’t do things to gain favor with God. God always loves you the same weather you are failing or succeeding. He loves you! He knows everything about you. You never surprise Him. Cis or LGBTQI and whatever color He loves you the same! Center yourself in The Word and let God lead you to the works He wants to accomplish through you. Live in The Spirit.

Go Packers