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Missions &  Outreach

Desert Oasis Chapel believes that as part of good Christian Stewardship, we should return 10% of the gifts made to us back into the Christian Community. Therefore, we set aside 10% of the donations made to us into a fund designated as Missions and Outreach and our Missions and Outreach Committee seeks out primarily local organizations who have as their basic mission either the spreading of the Christian message or helping those who are truly in financial or spiritual need. We have also given to natural disaster relief causes.

We select organizations who have low administrative expenses so that the majority of our money goes directly to the actual cause itself.

We donate to food banks that assist those affected by HIV, organizations who minister to gay youth who have been damaged by churches that condemn their lifestyle, missionaries who rely solely on donations for their support, organizations who provide food for the homeless, and organizations who care for the sick and dying.

Here is a partial list of organizations to which we are currently or have previously given:

sanctuary Palm Springs – monthly

The NestEggg – monthly

No More Bullying & Suicide

Prevention – monthly

The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Center – monthly

Coachella Valley Rescue Mission – monthly

Voice of the Martyrs – monthly

AIDS Assistance Program – monthly

Strength for the Journey – monthly

The Belize Faith Mission – monthly

The Mark Thallander Foundation – yearly

The Evangelical Network – yearly

Canyonwalker Connections – monthly

World Vision Nepal Earthquake – one time gift

The Beloved Foundation – monthly

Compassion International – monthly

Desert AIDS Project – weekly

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